Thursday, May 26, 2011

Back from vacation!

Last week at this time, I was here:

Thoroughly enjoying my first family vacation out of New England.  Evidently while I was away, Boston needed umbrellas the entire week.

So for Dreamweaver's blog post, since Lynell did some umbrella's, I thought I would show you some too...

Today it is gorgeous out.  Let's hope it stays that way for our Memorial Day weekend and we don't need any real umbrellas any longer!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Creating fast and furiously!

It's been a whirlwind here since my last post.  Right before Easter, I came down with Strep throat.  Unfortunately regular medication didn't touch it, so on Monday I went back to the doctor and had a different medication prescribed.  This one, I 'could' be allergic to.  It's a cousin of another med I am allergic to.  Well, needless to say, I am.  And so I've had to take the rest of my meds with a nice dose of Benedryl.  Which knocks me right out!  ZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz.

Once I woke from my stupor and felt better, I knew I needed to get into high gear!  My online Advanced Stenciling class with My Creative Classroom opens next Monday!  Yikes!  I had barely started creating any of the videos, PDF handouts or Presentations!

I set myself to task this week and just a few moments ago finished up the last presentation for the third week of class.  I'm what you might call a last-minute-Nelly and sometimes, I'm putting the finishing touches on these things the night before the class opens.  But!  I have made an improvement.  The first week of class isn't until next Monday and all is completed!  Now to wait until Monday!  Here are a few screen shots from my class...

There's always lots of information in my classes and the best part is, you'll have step by step hand outs for each of the techniques!

Now that I have that class off my plate, I'm on to some in person classes I need to worry about.  Those will be tackled tomorrow and Friday.  My plan is to have all my classes, directions and everything work related DONE by Monday.  See, next Thursday we are headed out for an 8 day vacation to DISNEY!!!  Yup!  I cannot wait.  This will be out first major family vacation ever!  The last family vacation was to Maine (only a few hours away!) and the last vacation hubby and I went to that didn't require driving was a cruise to Bermuda 8 years ago!  So, we are long overdue.  This is going to be a fabulous trip.  My Brother, his family and a family friend and his family are all going down too.  Not the same dates but we will share some time together there.  We're even going to celebrate my youngests 8th birthday there!  I'm too excited.  BUT!  First, I must finish my work....