Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost time...

Only a few more days until Santa Claus arrives!  The kids are off from school until January 3rd, the shopping is done, the wrapping is completed and now we wait....  WELL... maybe not.  We do have to clean the house, make a pie, make some marshmellow bark, do some laundry and other mundane everyday things.  You know, those things no one really likes to do.  But there will be time for crafting!  Today, I'm going to have some time to craft in between loads of laundry, I know I will!

It's Thursday and that means, it's time for some stenciling!  Today, I'm showing you another oldie but goodie!  The reindeer on the left were pasted in black and then foiled using the metallic leafing.  The Let It Snow stencil was pasted in purple (no, they don't have purple - you have to make it!) and then clear glitter was added for a beautiful effect! 

Wanna know how to make purple? Add a little bit of dark purple (highly pigmented) paint to your white/pearlescent or glossy white paste and mix together until blended well. No need to go to town on the blending either, just folding the color in will work nicely. You can create 1000's of different colors now! Heck, you might be able to create 1000's of different shades of purple! Go ahead, try it!

This was a class I offered last year and they were really just about the techniques, no design elements to the cards, it was all techniques.  I believe that everyone in class got a chance to use several different stencils we had available.

I hope you have some time to craft this Holiday Season!  Have a very Merry Christmas and we'll be back next Thursday with some more designs!


Lynell Harlow / Dreamweaver Stencils said...

Now are you sure you want that snow, LOL! I like what you have done here KIm. Hope it warms up soon for you.

Terrece said...

Great idea. Never thought to make my own colors! You are a genius! What pigment paint did you use? Have you tried pigment reinkers? As one who has just left the beauty of winter white wonderland - California may be chilly, but there's no snow to drive through!