Thursday, December 23, 2010

It's almost time...

Only a few more days until Santa Claus arrives!  The kids are off from school until January 3rd, the shopping is done, the wrapping is completed and now we wait....  WELL... maybe not.  We do have to clean the house, make a pie, make some marshmellow bark, do some laundry and other mundane everyday things.  You know, those things no one really likes to do.  But there will be time for crafting!  Today, I'm going to have some time to craft in between loads of laundry, I know I will!

It's Thursday and that means, it's time for some stenciling!  Today, I'm showing you another oldie but goodie!  The reindeer on the left were pasted in black and then foiled using the metallic leafing.  The Let It Snow stencil was pasted in purple (no, they don't have purple - you have to make it!) and then clear glitter was added for a beautiful effect! 

Wanna know how to make purple? Add a little bit of dark purple (highly pigmented) paint to your white/pearlescent or glossy white paste and mix together until blended well. No need to go to town on the blending either, just folding the color in will work nicely. You can create 1000's of different colors now! Heck, you might be able to create 1000's of different shades of purple! Go ahead, try it!

This was a class I offered last year and they were really just about the techniques, no design elements to the cards, it was all techniques.  I believe that everyone in class got a chance to use several different stencils we had available.

I hope you have some time to craft this Holiday Season!  Have a very Merry Christmas and we'll be back next Thursday with some more designs!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday Challenge - Blue Paste!

I'm short on time this week but I do have another Dreamweaver card for you today!

This week we were Challenged with using the Blue Glossy Paste and choosing a blue/purple theme for a Holiday card. 

I used the blue glossy paste and chose to paste the ice skaters.  Before I did any pasting, though I colored my paper with blues and purples and then inked up some Stampscapes, CC Crafts and Stampers Anonymous Stamps in purple ink and created a 'scene' for my skaters.

Here's my card for this week - I hope you enjoy!

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's a Dreamy Thursday!

It's Thursday, so that must mean we have some Dream Schemes over on the Dreamweaver Design Team!  This week, I'm going to follow the sketch from last week and show you another one of the new stencils done in a Christmasy way.

Here's the next new Valentine stencil:

By the way, you can order this stencil and last weeks stencil through your local craft store that carries Dreamweaver products.  Everyone who takes my Friday night class will get one of these for FREE!
This stencil is called Love Birds and they are supposed to be sitting on a heart shaped wreath.  See it?  Beautiful, huh?!  Well, if you wanted to make these Christmasy....

Make them into partridges and add little holly berries onto the wreath.  Add some bling and people will overlook the idea that this could actually be for Valentine's Day.  Now, it just looks Christmasy!  Of course, you could play off of the 'two calling birds' idea too!  Those little tendrils of color on the paper, that's from the stencil too!  Just some ink and a stipple brush will get you that look!
Oh and I have a secret about this card too.... I actually used YELLOW paste for this stencil.  YUP!  Not white but yellow!  If you look closer, you can see that the birds have a slight bit of yellow on their bodies, that's just the paste!  So, next time you are looking to paste with your stencils and you look at your stash, think OUTSIDE of the box! These stencils are extremely versatile and the pastes, they can be changed to suit your needs too!
Here are both cards, ready for Friday night's Dreamweaver Holiday Cards class at the Scrapbook Cupboard:

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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday's Dream Schemes!

It's Thursday and for everyone on the Dreamweaver Design Team, that means it's time to post a new photo for the Thursday Dream Schemes!  This week, I'm sharing a new stencil with you!    Dreamweaver is revealing two new stencils this month, LL3010 is a Heart Tole Wreath and LL3011 has Love Birds on a scroll wreath.

Here's the Brand New Stencil that I received from Dreamweaver, LL3010 the Heart Tole Wreath.

Also for the Dream Schemes this week we were given a sketch to follow for our cards.  Here's the sketch:

I love sketches.  They make life a little easier and they can be used in many different ways!  In my card, I chose to round out my corners and forgo the scrolls but I kept the ribbon and even the little bow (but in a different way!).  Oh and did I mention that we are making Holiday cards all month long?  Well, how about this for a Christmas card?

Do you see that Heart Tole Wreath?  Upside down?  Now making a HUGE Christmas tree!  The presents underneath are popped up.  They are just little presents stamped onto papers and cut out.  The star is a little sticker (you know the ones the kids bring home on their homework?) again popped up.   The heart tole wreath was pasted with pearlescent paste and F/X powders were added.   

WOW!  The versatility of these stencils are amazing!  I'm excited to show you what I created for next week!  This week's posting and next Thursday's postings will be the Dreamweaver class at the Scrapbook Cupboard on the 10th. 

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