Friday, November 5, 2010

Striking it out - on my own??

Well it has become official.  The store I am currently working with will be closing their doors.  I'm expecting the store to be closed before Thanksgiving.  Bummer, huh!  I've been with Bev and the Scrapbook Cupboard for 5 years!!  Yup!  5!  Seems like a long time but it's been some of the best times of my life.

So, what now?  Well I've got a ton of irons in the fire and hopefully one of them will pop back out at me and let me know it needs some attention. 

No, No, No, I don't really hope to get burned, I'm just so overwhelmed with the thoughts that are going through me.  I *almost* said I was never at the closing of a businesses doors but then I reflected that I used to belong to Corporate America and I was there when Nellie Mae was swallowed by Sallie Mae.  The difference between then and now - other than the awesome stock option package I was given with Sallie Mae?  Well, a lot.  A real lot!

I still have all those people to say good-bye to.  Co-workers, friends, customers... I still have to clean out my desk (cabinet space), I still have to find another job...

I'm very fortunate.  Very, very lucky.  When I was laid off with Nellie Mae, I had another job waiting for me.  I was 6 months pregnant with my first child and that was to be my new job.  It was a wonderful time, not having to worry about money (because I cashed in those stock options of course!) and just spending the time learning how to be a Mom.  Now, well I've got options out there too! 

Donna Maligno and I have teamed up to create KD Craft Concepts.  We will be striking out on our own, at least partially, to bring some of you regulars a taste of Donna and Kim classes and events.  In what capacity?  Unknown at this time.  We're still hashing everything out. I will also mention that, I've gotten a few other offers as well and will be exploring these very soon.  I'm hoping to find a new place to teach on a regular basis, we'll see how it all works out. - That's why the irons are in the fire, I need to get rid of some wrinkles and I need those irons HOT!  :-)

I'm sure you'll be seeing me posting more.  October was a miserable month... I was sick most of it.  And this month, we are awaiting a new arrival to the family!  My Sister will be having a baby girl soon.  So, whether photos of the new baby or photos of new classes and more information about where I will be, I'll be in touch!

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Deborah March said...

GOOD LUCK on your new business venture Kim!!