Thursday, November 19, 2009

I'm a lax blogger - but I have some eye candy for you!

It's been a busy few weeks.  With Caleb and I being sick in the first week and my continued sickness into the second week, then my birthday was this past Monday so I've been busy celebrating and trying to catch up on the two weeks I missed getting things done.  Oh boy!  I'm amazed that I have been able to do what I've done!  Next is to clean my house, studio, everything.  It's all a mess.  But since I won't be having Thanksgiving at my house, I guess I'm good for right now.  Good enough to bring you some eye candy!

I've completed a few upcoming classes recently.  Sunday, I really cranked out a bunch and I'm happy I did!  It's always so rewarding to have stuff up and postable prior to a few days before class.

Here's my napkin card class:

Each of these cards are made using napkins.  Just regular, old, Christmas Tree Shoppe napkins.  They don't look like napkins, they don't feel like napkins but they are easy and a super quick holiday card!  I may do all my Holiday cards like this!  I wish I took a picture of the napkins to show you but they are at work.  These are the small cocktail napkins and so each card is square. This class is being held on Friday, November 27th and Friday, December 11th from 7-9PM.  It's only $20 for the class and you'll make all three cards.  You'll also learn this fabulous technique and still (even in the December 11th class) have time to get them made and mailed before the Holiday! 

The next class finished is my Dreaming of a Beautiful Christmas Card Class:

I know that Let It Snow card is in there twice - I wasn't sure whether we'd make just two cards or all three.  But I know we will have time to make all three!  This class will explore a few more Dream Weaver techniques.  If you own a Dream Weaver stencil you'd like to use that day, bring it with you!  These techniques can be easily used with any stencil!  This class will be held on Thursday, December 3rd from 7-9PM.  Also only $20! 

The third class I put together is the Stampscapes Coaster Class.  This class is phenomenal!:

Aren't those beauties!  And believe it or not they are easy!  E-A-S-Y!!!  Easy!  Just plain and simply easy.  They are on Stampbord so they are very study.  3.5 x 3.5" and we will spray them before you leave so that they can be used as coasters.  Wrap these up in a bow and they'd make a beautiful gift for anyone!  I can't tell you how easy Stampscapes really are to use.  We will make all 4 coasters, one for Summer, Winter, Spring and Fall (in that order in the photo).  If you have time to come in to the store and take a peek at these - PLEASE DO!  Touching them, looking at them, they are simply delightful!  And really, I just put them together but it's the stamps that do everything justice!  Even if you stamped the images in black and left it black and white, these coasters would still be stunning.  The stamps are simply gorgeous!  OK, so this class is being offered twice as well.  Once on Saturday, December 5th from 12-3PM and then again on Friday, December 18th from 7-10PM. The class is $30.  If you own any of these stamps in the photos (or any stampscape stamps) bring them with you on the night of class.  It'll be easier to get it all done that way.

All the above classes are being held at the Scrapbook Cupboard, in East Bridgewater, MA.  If you live or will be in the area on any of those dates and would like to take a class, call 1-508-378-0008 to sign up!

I have 2 more December classes to share with you.  One I'm waiting on a stamp to come in and the other is just time.  Maybe I'll get it done this weekend.  Metal Christmas cards!  WOW!  Now to start thinking about January...

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