Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's Metal Sampler time!

I've been feverishly typing up instructions for Monday's Metal Sampler at My Creative Classroom.  I'm going to be teaching this in person Sunday at the Scrapbook Cupboard too!  So if you aren't busy today, you could join me in learning how to create this:

Let me tell you, it's very different to teach in person than it is to teach online.  Yes, the project might be the same but for online you have a lot more typing, loading of photos and slideshows to put together.  eyeyiyi!

Why am I cramming to do it at the 11th hour?  Because...  I'm the Queen of Procrastination!  And I just love to torture myself with last minute deadlines and issues. 


Thankfully all the PDF files are done.  And they are loaded to the website!  So, if you didn't get the latest newsletter from My Creative Classroom showcasing my class, then let me tell you - there's still time to go there and sign up! 

Not sure?  Let me show you a few pictures that are in the tutorials...  and there are many, many more.

In these classes you just won't learn about the paper stump and the fine tipped tools.  We'll also explain what the angle tool, the deer foot tool and the chisel tool are all used for.  We'll cover techniques that I've created as well as those that I learned at the Ten Seconds Studio Certification course I took in April, 2008.  There will be more than 15 hand outs on metal embossing alone!  What an amazing deal!.  Whether you are in class tomorrow or in the online class Monday, I'm looking forward to helping you make your journey into metal embossing even more fun.

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