Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend update...

A BIG Thank YOU to those who voted on the Stampers Quest Trailblazer contest.  I have made it to the next round!  This week's assignment is to do a "Scenery Card".  I'm very excited...  For the past month I've been doing Stampscape demos at the Scrapbook Cupboard so I already have an idea of what I'm gonna do!  Yippee!  I'm relieved too since I've got a busy week ahead of me!

So more about the weekend...  Thank you! to all the lovely ladies who took the Mermaid Canvas Class last Friday.  Eleven gals were in class and no two looked exactly the same.  It's always a wonder to see what others do.  I love it!  Very inspiring.

After class Friday night, I stayed up until 2AM to get a project done.  I needed to bring this project to a meeting the next morning.  I drove down to Bella Art in Rhode Island on Saturday morning and had a business meeting with Maryanne.  Be on the look out for some up coming classes at Bella Art starting in October!  Very exciting stuff!  From that meeting, I raced up to East Bridgewater, MA to do a Stampscape on Stampbord Demo for Scrapbook Cupboard.  I used dye inks, alcohol inks.. even Copics.  The samples are in the store if you're in the area.  It's so easy to do, you really can't go wrong with these stamps!  Almost everything you stamp turns out beautiful!

Saturday night we brought the boys to see Harry Potter.  It's a long movie, huh!  WOW!  I thought there were some comical times in the movie but over all... maybe a little too long.  Although they left out the part about Neville altogether and that's the part I remember the most about the book.  I haven't read the last book yet.  I have it, it just hasn't made it on my list of reading materials yet.  I'm kinda behind on my reading lately.  Too much going on.  Hopefully things will quiet down a bit when the kids are in school.  Speaking of that, only 23 more days until school starts.  But I'm not counting....

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