Monday, November 17, 2008

More fun from the weekend...

So we spent 3 days at the Radisson Hotel in Hyannis, MA. We went with a group, Crazy for Croppin. Traci and Lisa came down just for Saturday (and a smidge into Sunday AM) so we celebrated my birthday on Saturday night. Kerriann's Mom made Creme Brulee (YUM!!!!) for us. My birthday was Sunday, the 16th but I was too exhausted to post anything. Other than fun, fun and more fun...

I taught a class (Metal Embossed File Folder) to three wonderful women. Thank you to Carole, Sue and Mimi for joining me. And a special thank you to Kerriann for being my helper. I don't usually have a helper but it was nice this time.

I got my first ever massage! Wow! Was that nice. I'm going to do that at every crop, now. Oh, I felt so good afterwards!

I ate way too much... ice cream, creme brulee, cookies, candy, meals, coffee, all too much! Too much, I really should go for a walk now.

I slept too little. I need about 9 hours a night and when you're up until 3 and then again at 9, it's too little for a gal like me.

I was super silly, see the video.

I won a prize! I won for the decorate your name tag contest. And then I promptly forgot my tag in the room so it's a good thing we got a picture!

And I finally got some projects done! I finished my recipe cards!! Yah.. I never have to make another one again. I am completely up to date on the Rolodex Swap. Finally, I've been behind since... um... the start of the swap last January! (this is an on going ABC quote swap. We are on N O and P) and I finished my ATC cards that aren't due until next month. Now I just have projects for classes I need to do. Piece of cake. Um.. nevermind, I don't want any cake anytime soon. My friend, Susan just brought me out to lunch and then we each had a cannolli, I'm stuffed again!

OK, I have some pictures of the weekend to share. A little art work as well as a little slideshow of friends. Thank you to everyone that came and made my 33rd birthday special! I had a wonderful time. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!


Sherry Goodloe said...

Happy Birthday Kim!!!! Let the celebration continue *smiles*

Anonymous said...

Ok. I was going to let it go but I have to correct your spelling. It's massage not message. Once I saw it in the slideshow I had to comment. Had fun yesterday too. Happy Birthday to YOU!

Just-Kim said...

I HAD to go change the post. Once you pointed it out, it needed to be done. I couldn't leave the word spelled wrong. That's just not me. THANK YOU, txchali for pointing it out!!

And THANKS Sherry for the birthday wishes, it was a great birthday!