Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Class Updates...

I held my last class of the semester at Blue Hills last night. I also signed my contract for next semester so I'll be back there in the Spring for 2 exciting classes. Yah!

Teaching at Blue Hills has been a fabulous experience for me. I got to meet 3 talented women and last night, I realized that if I hadn't have come to them, they may never had come to me (2 of them don't like to travel too far and this was in their home town). It made it all worth while to teach there. I'm very grateful for the experience and can't wait to do it in the Spring.

I took some pictures of their projects and got their permission to share it with you. I just love how they all came out. These are Maya Road Binder Albums covered in Dimensional Pearls and some metal. Crystal and Julie decided on Dark Chocolate Metal while Cindy chose the Rock Star Black. All Beautiful! Great job Ladies!!!

I guess I should show you the class example too, huh? Here's mine...

I told you about the class I taught this past weekend at Crazy for Croppin. But I forgot that I was going to post some links for the women from New York. The wanted to know where they could get some metal. If you are Carole or Sue from NY, here are the links I told you about...

  • Ten Seconds Studio - this is my number one choice and the only one I teach with

  • Amaco - Can be very thin metal but works very well in the Cuttlebug!!

  • Merc Art - OK, I've never tried Merc Art's metal. Anyone want to send me some??

  • Dick Blick - They sell several different companies here, so you could get a smorgasbord!
And don't forget, I'd love to travel out to see you ladies again! Just send me an email.


Lisa said...

Kim....these are exactly what I have in mind. I have to make a guest book for my Nephew's Bar Mitzvah in April. If I come to a few crops at the store will you help me do this??? Really I'm serious. I love the look. Any ideas on how we can do some kind of a picture frame with the metal on the cover of a binder of sort....I'll give you time to think about it.

Just-Kim said...


I'll contact you directly but yes! Absolutely, I'd love to help you out!

Lisa said...

thanks Kim!