Saturday, October 22, 2011

Open House Sunday, October 23rd from 12-4PM!

I'm hosting my first open house on Sunday, October 23rd from 12-4PM.  Stop on by my home and see my all new studio!  Sit down, make a little art and enjoy some refreshments!

The first 3 people in the door will receive a door prize!

I'll have some catalogs available if you feel like you need some supplies and I do have a small store for you to peruse as well.

I'd love to see you!  Be sure to stop on by and say Hi!

284 Beulah St
Whitman, MA

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Has anyone out there ever eBayed before? It's hard work, huh!

I've got several items that I've been meaning to get rid of for months and with the restructuring of my craft room and the children's room I just need to make space. Never mind not having a regular paying job this last month as well. I've given away a bunch of stuff, thrown away broken things and donated a majority if books and clothing but there is some craft type supplies I decided would be best suited to eBay. I even have a few things I might put up on Etsy but that's a different adventure, I'm sure.

So I listed some basket weaving items and some stamping items up on eBay. First, let me say.... It takes about 15 minutes to list each item. That doesn't count answering questions, packaging and mailing.

Then the fees involved are huge! 9% from eBay and the another 2.9%+.10 for Paypal. eBay even takes fee from your shipping. So I already know I'm going to have to cut into any profits just to pay the shipping to get these items to their new home. Ugh!

Really, I'm wondering if it would have been easier to give the stuff away. Or throw it away. I don't want to - goodness knows I never get anything for free and I don't want to pollute the world anymore than it already is. But if I end up paying someone to take the stuff off my hands, what good is that to me either?

If you are interested in any of my eBay items, you can look up my eBay name at zinfodel. Or try clicking here to get to one of my current auctions:

Browser URL:
Lot Of Close To My Heart Ink Pads

My only hope now is that something goes for big money. Who knows, maybe I'll get lucky...

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Copic class in November

I'm working on my November 10th Copic class. We will be working on reds and some faces. Here's a sneak peek of the techniques we'll be working on in class.
Don't worry, it will be a card. This one was just colored. Whether you are a beginner or a regular Copic user, this class is for you!
You can sign up for class via PayPal or by contacting me directly! See this link to pay via Paypal.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


We went on a much needs vacation to Maine this weekend. I feel great, rejuvenated and ready to get started on my next adventure. Here are some photos of our relaxing trip...

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Newsletter sign ups now available!

My website is up and running!

I've got a class calendar, guest book and even a newsletter sign up page!!

I've decided to create a more professional looking newsletter and have signed up for a marketing service.  If you would like to know what classes I'll be teaching, where I'll be teaching them and more, please go to and fill out the blanks.  Even if you are a friend, this will be the place I send out all the information you need to know about classes.

On Tuesday, I'll manually add some of you who had asked to sign up to know more about Donna Maligno's and my classes while at the Cupboard. - And YES!, I'll up date the newsletter to include Donna's classes as well!!