Monday, July 12, 2010

Vacation is over...

It's with some sadness that I must admit.... vacation is over.  The children have been out of school for a while but last week, Patrick had it off and we stayed busy with lots of family fun!  Let's see, we roasted marshmallow's for 'Smores...

We watched sunsets

We swam in the pool

We went to Woods Hole, MA for a scenic trip to the Science Aquarium and Nobska Lighthouse (thanks Kerriann for suggesting!)

We went to the Museum of Science, where we watched the 3D Shark movie, looked at the HUGE whale exhibit, watched the lightening show, looked out over the harbor (that's 'hahba', if you say it right!)

Partied with friends - ok, so this pool is empty but I was having so much fun I didn't get any pictures!!

Enjoyed the flowers

Make 2 1000 piece puzzles

Ate outside (that's some chili peppers that will be drying in the sun.)

Listened to my book (and I'm reading one too!)

Drank 99 cent iced coffee's (thanks Cumberland Farms!!) - and the kids enjoyed the slushies..

and didn't bother to answer many (if any) emails....

The only thing that machine was good for this week was looking up directions and playing games.  I've got over 1400 emails to weed through and I decided, once I downloaded them that it would be easiest to just deleted all priors from my Blackberry and get to it on the laptop.  I've got lots to catch up on, including sharing some of my DreamWeaver DT cards, updating my blog links and getting into my studio to get started on some art.